Not impressed: Anand Mahindra’s tweet gets a stormy response

- June 20, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

After he offers to hire Agniveer soldiers after four years of service, the businessman’s tweet is greeted with several sharp queries from netizens

Photo: Twitter

Among the ongoing protests against the Agnipath scheme in most parts of the country, the Chairman of Mahindra Group took to Twitter to announce that his company will be interested in hiring the Agniveers.
Anand Mahindra further adds, the discipline and skills Agniveers gain will make them eminently employable. The Mahindra Group will be happy to have such trained young and talented people in their team.


However, this tweet received a lot of mixed reactions. Some congratulated the industrialist for his initiative. On the other hand, most netizens slammed him for making this comment at this crucial point of time. Some label this as a joke, whereas some point out that he’s doing it for his own personal agenda.

This tweet did not help the Mahindra Group in the share market, as prices of the scrip dropped 1.31% in the first four hours of trading and currently seem to be heading downwards.

share price drop
A drop in share price / Photo: Google


Following are some of the responses Mahindra received:

  • Asking him why he is waiting only for this scheme to come into action, and what did he do for the job security of ex-servicemen retiring every year

  • Questioning him why he won’t employ soldiers of 33-35 yrs of age with 17-19 years experience, and what makes him consider soldiers with four years experience more employable

  • One question thrown at him was: What payscale will they be recruited at?

  • One comment: this scheme will bring discipline into people’s lives forever

  • A moot point would be the Agniveer’s eligibility since Mahindra Group hires a person with a minimum of a graduate degree

  • One person apprised him that a similar program is run in Singapore called ‘National Service’

  • An ex-navy engineering sailor mocked at him since he applied for a job at Mahindra Group five years ago but has not received any response till date

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