Chitrakavya – A journey of an artist

- April 5, 2023
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of an artist who is renowned for his skill and innovation

The exhibition promises to be a visual narration of splendid nature and its various forms

The Visual Art Gallery is set to present an exhibition showcasing the aesthetic journey of an artist. ‘Chitrakavya’ will be an artistic presentation of renowned artist Gajendra Prashad Sahu.

It will take place from April 6 to 10 and promises to be a celebration of the artist’s aesthetic experiments and his deep devotion to nature.

Through his unique blend of pen and ink, watercolour, and acrylic on canvas and paper, Sahu has portrayed nature in all its glory, depicting the season of spring, the season of love, in its varied colours. His paintings show lovers enjoying the charm of romance under the exemplified Kadamb tree, betrothed birds on the leafy branches, and elephants exchanging lotus flowers with each other near a lotus pond. The artist’s attention to detail and his ability to capture the essence of nature in his paintings will undoubtedly delight visitors to the exhibition.

The exhibition promises to be a visual narration of splendid nature and its various forms, showcasing the essentials of earth called Pancha Mahabhuta, the five significant elements – Earth (Prithvi/Bhudevi), Water (Jala/Varun), Fire (Agni/Tejas), Wind (Vayu), Space (Akasha), and the belongings that alive amid them. Gajendra Prashad Sahu’s paintings portray an unequalled connection between theoretical thoughts and animalistic perception, untitled by the cautious use of colour and ornamental design.

The great medieval Sanskrit poet Kalidas described in Ritusambhara portrays nature in many ways, and Sahu’s paintings evoke a similar sense of beauty and awe. The exhibition is not only a celebration of Gajendra Prashad Sahu’s artistic journey but also a call to action to protect and preserve nature for future generations.

Sahu is not just an artist. He has successfully performed his duties in various positions in life, including a Faculty Member in the Department of Printmaking at B.K. College of Art & Crafts, Secretary at Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi, Design Consultant for Government projects on tourism and culture, Singer at All India Radio Cuttack Centre, and an Actor in Doordarshan. His versatility and ocean of talents are evident in his art practice, making CHITRAKAVYA a must-see for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

When: 11:00 Am -7 pm; April 6 – 10
Where: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi