Events of the week

Diverse collection

What: Palette Art Gallery presents Collective 22, a group show of 22 renowned Indian contemporary artists organized by Palette Art Gallery. The show comprises works of artists from different generations coming together to celebrate modern and contemporary paintings/ sculptures with other art enthusiasts and patrons. While artists like Saravanan Parasuraman drive their inspiration from nature with his current works focussing on environmental realisation through his gained knowledge, Anju Dodiya’s biography extends into the past and archives the heroic, layering it with the contested self. Even as her self-referential portraits look into the viewer’s eye, casting a magnetic spell. Cinema and literature play a huge role in senior artist Atul Dodiya’s artworks and perhaps if you dive further into the quirky titles, you’ll get to know the humour and the rich content that he delivers. The images of Prasad KPs’ works are drawn from the purity and beauty of the village. The nature of watercolour enables him to immerse in the process in such a way that the very act of painting turns into meditation.

When: Till August 5

Where: Palette Art Gallery and their website


Evolution of strokes

What: Vadehra Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition by artist A. Ramachandran titled ‘A Lifetime of Lines’, on view at the modern gallery space. Deeply influenced by Indian classical art and Nandalal Bose in particular, Ramachandran is a master of Indian aesthetics by painting archetypal Indian imagery and socio-political symbols in a modernist vein. From 1958, A. Ramachandran’s body of drawings consists of not only sketches and studies of his process of painting but of images developed from portraits, flowers, plants and landscapes which reoccur in most of his works. Over the span of 56 years, he created over five thousand drawings in which now we observe the evolution of his strokes of ink on a variety of paper. Over time, he developed his own way of defining and contouring lines that suggested volume, angles and depth.

When: July 21 – August 13

Where: Vadehra Art Gallery


Film festival

What: India Habitat Centre has put together a Peruvian Film Festival, featuring Rossana Diaz Costa’s Viaje a Timboctú for this week. The movie follows the lives of Ana and Lucho, two adolescent lovers who live in Peru. Their story of transition from childhood to adolescence converges with the story of how their country, Peru, went through changes during the 1980s. Their amorous utopia clashes with reality around them.

Where: Website of India Habitat Centre


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