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Rediscovering India

What: Dhoomimal Gallery presents “The Meeting Point” – a multi-dimensional convergence of memories, duality, reality, and moments of simple pleasures expressed through the lens of Hasnain Soomar. He finds himself inspired by Raghu Rai’s coffee table books and rediscovers India from his highly personal and individualistic approach. He envisions mystical beauty and brings us these evocative images that resonate with the true essence of our diverse beliefs along with the human coexistence of love and compassion. A curious explorer of time and space, he travels often to ashrams, ghats, mosques, and Mughal monuments, in search of a connection between the human spirit and inner peace. The photographer seems to inconspicuously gaze into the world of extraordinary symbolism with help of scripted walls, Hindu and Islamic architecture, many facets of light and pattern sometimes juxtaposing these with a hint of human existence, while he continues to willingly remain a silent distant observer.

When:  December 10- February 10

Where: Dhoomimal Gallery, Connaught Place


Contemporary hues 

What:  Celebrating 100 years of S H Raza, Triveni Kala Sangam presents “Muted Mathar ” supported by Raza  Foundation. Featuring  Awdhesh Tamrakar, his new works deal with many of the issues that haunt and define our contemporary: movements, migrations, quests for home, identity and belonging; un-documented stories, silent and silenced histories — especially those of non-literate, disenfranchised and marginalized communities. His works are a testimony to the truth that free, fearless and sustained engagement with materials, process, tools, ideas and community can open unsuspected doors to an intensely personal and meaningful visual practice. At first glance, the large and small works that make up the show are varied and impactful. Crumpled photographs of vacant buildings and vacated landscapes (reinforced on fiberglass-sheets), brass powder (collected from traditional iron-smithy karkhanas and studios) share space and vie for attention on walls, floors and pedestals. 

When: December 21 – 31

Where: Triveni Gallery, Mandi House


Celebrating crafts

What: A fortnight of cultural performances and an event to celebrate Indian art, crafts and textiles, Dastkari Haat Samiti returns with the much-awaited crafts bazaar of the year. The 36th Annual Dastkari Haat Annual Craft Bazaar will be a confluence of artisans and master craftsmen from all parts of India. In its 36th year of dedicated work towards the preservation of India’s crafts heritage and sustaining the livelihoods of craftspeople it offers a new theme to the public – “Krishi aur Kala”. Visitors will see a ring of tableware, cooking vessels, table linen, baskets and trays

When: January 1 -15 

Where: Dilli Haat, INA


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