‘Interfaces’ – immersing in printmaking

- June 28, 2023
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

The event will also feature a panel discussion on it titled ‘Transformation in New India’

The event ends on July 03

Together with Alliance Française, World University of Design presents ’Interfaces’, a presentation by HolzIndia. The exhibition features works by Belgian, French, and Indian artists and highlights the transforming potential of printing.

The aim of the collaboration intends to create awareness about the genre of printmaking in Visual Arts. The event will also feature a panel discussion on it titled ‘Transformation in New India’.

Eminent artists including Ananda Moy Banerji, Kanchan Chander, Prayag Shukla, Prachi Sahasrabudhe and Seema Kohli, along with, Prof Rajan Fulari from WUD will be the panelists.

This diverse group of panelists represents talented printmakers who have pushed the boundaries of the medium and contributed to the artistic landscape of New India.

Patriot connected with Professor Ranjan Shripad Fulari who expressed his views on the creative collaboration, “We are honoured to put together a platform that touches upon the Printmaking aspect that has evolved over the years and has now rejuvenated into a form that is changing dynamics and dimensions of the Visual Arts scene in India.

“I am glad to have with me such eminent panelists who have had enriching experience in India and abroad. I am very enthralled to share my views with them and am all ears to hear them out. There is so much to learn from here!”

Dr Sanjay Gupta told patriot, “This is a prestigious platform for connoisseurs of art and visual arts to align with. It is a pleasure to be here amongst such significant people who have marked their niche in their domain of creative field. As Vice Chancellor of a promising and ever emergent University I see it as my prime responsibility to associate with platforms that impart eternal firsthand knowledge and enhance our perception of art as we know it. I thank Alliance Française for joining hands with us in this great merger of thoughts across geographies.”

When: June 27 – July 03, 2023
Where: World University of Design