Pragya 2023: Igniting Minds and Nurturing Souls

- October 12, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

This festival will commence on October 13, 2023, at the OP Jindal Auditorium in New Delhi

Pragya 2023, the international festival, is all set to captivate minds and inspire holistic well-being on October 13, 2023, at the O.P. Jindal Auditorium in New Delhi.

Founded by Somya Khurana, Pragya 2023 promises to sow the seeds of wisdom by blending ancient Eastern philosophies with modern Western knowledge, offering attendees a transformative experience unlike any other.

The organisers stated that this event invites a diverse community of individuals who value health and self-care to explore the interconnected realms of mind, dody, and breath.

According to the organisers, participants can expect immersive sessions delving into the power of mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive practices, nurturing physical well-being through comprehensive approaches to wellness, and unraveling the transformative secrets of breathwork.

Somya Khurana, the driving force behind Pragya 2023 said the festival’s mission to facilitate cultural exchange and mutual enlightenment.

“Pragya 2023 is committed to forging a unified path toward a sustainable future. Serving as a distinctive platform, the festival seamlessly integrates knowledge with spirituality and modern science with ancient practices. Attendees are offered a unique opportunity to redefine their connections with themselves, their bodies, minds, and breaths,” Khurana said.

When: 04:30 pm; October 13,2023

Where: O P Jindal Auditorium, New Delhi