Free wi-fi is just a myth

I came to Delhi in June this year. I booked a paying guest (PG) accommodation in Noida Sector-62. At the time of booking, the landlord told us that wi-fi would be available all day as he had a TP-Link router. When I went to see the PG, I checked the wi-fi and it was working properly. There were not many people around at that time, that may have been a reason.

But, after I moved in, the problems with the wi-fi started. Just after one or two days, the wi-fi was not working properly. It was too slow. Then many more people came to stay in here. And gradually, the more the load, the more it stopped working.

Then after a month or so, we could not even use it – not even faintest connection was available. We complained to our landlord. He checked and tried to solve the problem. It began working for 30 minutes or so, then again back to the same.

After months of complaining, they changed the router. It provided a temporary relief. But then again after a week the connection was terrible. No one in our PG is able to use the wi-fi due to this. We have to recharge with internet packs and it costs a lot sometimes. Had they provided us with good wi-fi connection we would not have faced such a problem.
— As told to Shruti Das

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