Broadband bluff

In May this year, when I was looking for a good broadband provider, I came across many options — Airtel being the biggest. Several other private players were waiting to get another customer in their kitty.

I called up Airtel’s toll-free number, and the representative told me that a sales person will contact me, and tell me about various plans available in my area. After two hours, I got a call from a salesperson of Airtel who asked me what sort of broadband plan I want. I told him my requirements, then he fixed up a meeting at my place. Then after half an hour another salesperson called me, and took me through the same conversation. He wasn’t the last. Again, another salesperson called.

I understood how desperate these executives are to get a customer, and how much competition they have to meet sales target. But I only allowed the first person who called me. He came home and brought a brochure which had all the plans listed out.

I chose a 150 GB plan, but it was costing me Rs 1,000. So, I tried to negotiate it and very easily the sales person dropped the price to Rs 600 and asked for an installation fee of Rs 500. I paid it then and there, and he told me a technician from Airtel will come up and install the modem and the cables.

The plan I chose availed me 40 MBPS speed, but the technician told me that I would only get 16 MBPS download speed. When I asked him about this, he told me 40 MBPS is not available in my area. The salesperson didn’t tell me this before selling the plan.

Though the installation was a very fast process, after a day I got a notification from Airtel, which said that the plan I chose would provide me with 100 GB monthly data and not 150 GB, which was promised by the salesperson.

I called up the salesperson and asked him about this discrepancy, he told me to use the plan first and if I’m in need of more data, he will provide it. I couldn’t understand how this would work. But soon, in one month only, I used up 100 GB data because I watch a lot of shows and movies on Netflix.
Also, the speed got back to 1 MBPS due to exhaustion of the monthly data limit. I called up the salesperson to provide the additional data he promised, but he refused citing technical issues from Airtel. I told him this is a plain lie and he should live up to his promise. But he didn’t. And today I only get 100 GB of monthly data and it becomes hard to manage with that in a month. Moreover, I was promised more than this. I didn’t opt for this plan. The so-called discount they gave has no meaning after all.

— As told to Shruti Das

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