‘Poor connection hampers study’

I came to stay in a PG near Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium two months back. Here, they charge 17,000 for one room. When I booked the room, they said we will be provided a really good internet connection. But soon after I moved, I realised how poor the Wi-fi was.

I use net for almost everything — like any other millennial. Be it paying the electricity bill, booking for a cab or ordering for food. Also, since I am a student, I need the internet for various research work. Thus, when the internet is not working, it hampers my life in more ways than one.

I was supposed to make a presentation and wanted to take materials from the internet. But that day, the wi-fi stopped working completely. It was frustrating. I complained to my landlord but he was quite reluctant about it. He did send a worker to check the router. After the worker checked it he said, “Everything is fine, it must be a problem in your laptop only.”

But nothing changed. The connection was as bad as before. I complained thrice after that. The landlord got irritated and told me ‘no one else is complaining about it, only you are, then there must be some problem with your laptop or phone.’ The truth is others were not much aware of the problem and they have internet packs, which I did not want to buy because again I will have to pay for that. Also, my point is when I am paying so much, and the facility of unlimited Wi-fi is a part of the package, then why do I have to suffer?
— As told to Shruti Das

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