Dream themes

Restaurants that stand out for their décor by recreating the magic of popular movie stars and films have a surefire recipe for success

How can a restaurant among about 5,000 in the city stand out from the crowd? Well, good food is the obvious reason, great ambience is another. Which is why theme restaurants are coming up to give customers a one-of-its-kind, unforgettable experience. Especially in these days of selfies, where your Instagram or Facebook post must have a wow factor.

For lovers of desi culture in the heart of this metropolitan city, restaurant Garam Dharam in Connaught Place’s Outer Circle gets top marks. Named after legendary actor Dharmendra, it is owned by the Bollywood icon himself. His aura pervades every corner: walls are adorned with his pictures, posters of films and movie memorabilia. Unpolished wood and exposed pipes add a dhaba touch. The ambience is reminiscent of the movie Yamla Pagla Deewana which features his sons and showcases typical Punjabi culture and a motorcycle of the ‘70s era leans against a wall.

The dishes at Garam Dharam too make the menu interesting to read. Parimal’s Paan Gulabo is a mocktail (priced at Rs 80) and Mera Gaon Mera Desh (Rs 395) is the simple village winter delight makke ki roti with sarson ka saag. A non-veg biryani is called Mast Kalandar Handi ke Andar (also Rs 395).

“Our most famous non-veg dish is Sharabi Raan (mutton) and veg is Dahi Kebab. Visitors love to eat it. As we keep in mind that our food never misses that Desi essence for which people come here” said chef, Amit Pandey.

If Bollywood tadka is a sure winner, so are Hollywood’s entertainers. Welcoming the young at heart to the world of magic created by British author JK Rowling is The Hogwarts Café on the Harry Potter theme located in Ashok Vihar, Rohini. Before even entering the cosy little café, you can admire the Hogwarts wall art and the main door which resembles the one in the movie Harry Potter: and the Chamber of Secrets.

The décor is dominated by Potter-themed posters. Names of their dishes are inspired by the movie including Nagini Fries (Rs 145), Godnic’s Hallowed Bread (Rs 145), Dragon Eggs (Rs 125), and a rainbow-like mocktail Goblet of Colours. Other than the variety in cuisine, the restaurant also provides props like wands for clicking photographs which resemble the ones seen in the movie. Harry Potter fans are legion and opening such a café has proved to be a great marketing technique to attract visitors.

For lovers of Nature, the famous café in Rajouri Garden named Jungle Jamboree does not confine itself to indoor plants and hanging vines, something you would find in most places. Here, even the walls of the lift which takes you to the first floor have patches of grass so thickly stacked that you don’t see any metal. Divided into two parts, one side of the café is entirely based on a jungle theme with trees and grass all around its walls and a captivating underwater view on the other side.

It’s really a family restaurant as all kinds of cuisine are on offer, to keep different members happy.

A new range of cafes on the tea theme are also gaining prominence in the city. Tea lounges with names like Chaiyos, Chai Garam, Tapri Chai and Tatas’ Chai Unchai are scattered all over the city. Waghbakri tea lounges offer a wide choice of Indian as well as international tea flavours.

Theme cafés are not only fascinating the youth but also plays a vital role in attracting the other age groups as well.                          

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