High electricity bill at a North Campus PG

Students of St Stephens college, North Campus, Delhi University in New Delhi, India. (St Stephen's College, Education, Student )

I live in a 3BHK flat in North Campus near Gupta colony. We have two ACs in our apartment. Because it is summer time, the ACs run for about 12 hours every day. Unexpectedly, for the month of May, we were handed an electricity bill of Rs 22,570. I was completely taken aback. I spoke to some of the other people living in our building, and they claimed their electricity bill is usually below 3,000.
This is an area which is bustling with students from nearby colleges under Delhi University. Thus, many students rent apartments or PGs here. I’ve also come to know that there have been cases previously where electricity bills of students have been this high.
I filed a complaint with Tata Power a few days back. Unfortunately, I did not get any reply. So, I am planning to write a letter of complaint and try to get it stamped from their office. Then I will send it to the PM’s redressal office. Also, I will get my meter checked by an electrician.
— As told to Shruti Das

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