Korean Ink Wash Paintings Exhibition Starts in Delhi

- September 4, 2023
| By : Tahir Bhat |

The exhibition hosted at the Korean Cultural Centre will run for 43 days till October 13

The Korean Cultural Centre India has unveiled an exhibition, titled ‘Korean Ink Wash Paintings, Emitting the Light’.

This exhibition, which celebrates culture and artistry, commenced on September 1 at the Korean Cultural Centre India. It will last for 43 days, concluding on October 13.

Co-hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre India and Jeollanam-do Province in Korea, this exhibition aims to introduce the beauty of Korean Ink Wash Paintings to India and set the stage for the ‘Jeonnam International Sumuk Biennale 2023’, an exhibition in Korea.

Additionally, it aligns with the celebrations of the ‘18th G20 Summit’ in New Delhi and the ’50th Anniversary of Korea-India Diplomatic Relations’.

The title, ‘Korean Ink Wash Paintings, Emitting the Light’, poetically encapsulates the radiant essence of Korean Ink Wash Paintings, harmoniously blending tradition with the modern world.

Visitors can anticipate a visual journey featuring 25 artists from Gwangju City and Jeollanam-do. These artists incorporate colour to express modern formative beauty, promising to captivate Indian audiences with their uniqueness and innovation.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India, Chang Jae-bok, expressed his delight, saying, “We are very happy to experience the artistic sensibility and creativity of Korean Ink Wash Paintings on the occasion of the 18th G20 Summit in New Delhi and the 50th Anniversary of Korea-India Diplomatic Relations.”

The opening ceremony was attended by principals, teachers, and students from 32 schools that actively participate in Korean language classes supported by the Korean Cultural Centre India.

The ceremony took place on September 1 at 5 pm at the Korean Cultural Centre India, with Ganga International School standing out as one of the 32 schools, bringing its students who not only display a keen interest in the Korean language but also possess immense artistic talent.

The exhibition promises to be a cultural spectacle that bridges the traditions of two nations and showcases the beauty that arises when heritage meets modernity.

Here are some of the visuals:

Anti-odern Landscape Painiting put up on the show