Experience an electronic euphoria at Nehru place

- September 12, 2022
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Strategically located in South Delhi’s heart, the electronics market at Nehru Place is famous for its affordable products. The market is a paradise for electronic fanatics and overall provides for a striking sight

A shop selling electronic products at the center of Nehru Place.

It is widely believed in Delhi that nothing electronic is tough to find at the Nehru place market. Popular as India’s largest electronic markets, Nehru Place is a paradise for digital supplies.

Charaterised by small shops, neon lights, makeshift stalls in the middle of a bustling capital, the market draws a thousand feet every day. The buildings, standing tall in Delhi’s sky, emerge as the most significant sight: old, cramped, giving it its own identity.

Situated in South Delhi, it is famous for cheap electronic products such as computers, laptops, printers, CCTV cameras, printers, batteries, among others. There are also numerous stores that work as repair shops for electronic devices hidden among the commotion of shop owners screaming at you to catch your attention.

In addition to the well-known electronics and gadget market at Nehru Place, there is a flea market located within the market complex, selling affordable clothes for working class people. The market’s overall atmosphere is chaotic but there is a sense of relief in eateries dotted within the complex.

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It comes under Delhi Development Association (DDA) plan to revamp the primary markets of Delhi. The work is already in progress.

According to the DDA plan, portable cabins, vending zones, a skywalk, underground reservoir, kiosks, parking lots, and escalator systems will be built to avoid the haphazard that is the most telling feature of the market.

There is also a plan to make the corridors greener and construct a small amphitheater that will come up from the ground floor.

Patriot takes you to visual tour through the lanes of the Nehru Place market

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