Maxwell calls World Cup light show ‘horrible idea’

- October 25, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The Australia batsman says it gives headaches to him forcing him to cover his eyes


Glenn Maxwell gave thumbs down to the ‘light show’ that happens in every World Cup match during the drinks break at night.

The Australia power-hitter had to cover his eyes on Wednesday in the game against Netherlands when the floodlights were switched off for over a minute leaving fans with their mobile flashlights on along with some other lights in the stadium.

The floodlights then flashed for a while, briefly blinding those present in the stadium, before getting switched on completely.

“Well, I experienced something like that light-show at Perth Stadium during a Big Bash game and I just felt like it gave me shocking headaches and it took a while for my eyes to readjust,” he said.

“I just think it is the dumbest idea for cricketers when you’ve got this thing coming at you quickly and your eyes take so long to adjust. I think we just lost a wicket and the Perth Stadium lights went nuts and I was at the other end and it took me ages to get my eyes to go again and I felt like I had a headache. So I just try and cover up as much as I possibly can and ignore it but it’s a horrible, horrible idea,” said Maxwell while putting his arm across his eyes while speaking to the media.

“It is a great idea for the fans, horrible for the players.”

Maxwell scored the fastest World Cup century on Wednesday in his team’s 309-run win over Netherlands.