‘Waste-to-Art’ theme park to have statues of freedom fighters at ITO

A man wears a mask during his morning walk in a park. (Photo by Money SHARMA / AFP)

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on Thursday decided to develop Shaheedi Park at ITO to pay tribute to freedom fighters where it will install statues of 11 heroes of the ‘Freedom Movement’ under its ‘Waste-to-Art’ concept, civic officials said.

These moves come ahead of civic body polls, as all the three civic bodies North, East and South are scheduled to undergo elections before May this year.

A notification regarding schedule of the civic election is likely to be announced by the state election commission in the second week of March.

All the three municipalities are ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) while the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is the principal opposition in the civic bodies. Last civic polls were conducted in April 2017.

The SDMC in a statement said that the Shaheedi park will be developed on lines of Waste to Wonder Park and Bharat Darshan Park based on the ‘Waste to Art’ concept. They will establish replicas of 11 heroes of Freedom Movement in Shaheedi Park which will spread over 4.5-acre land. Scrap materials available at various SDMC Stores will be used to make replicas of Freedom Fighters. Motive behind the development of Shaheed Park is to make people aware about the glorious history of our country, the statement said.

The park will have 11 replicas of such freedom fighters which includes Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Rajguru and recipients of Paramveer Chakra and will also have replicas of historical kings and leaders such as Bharat, Chanakya, Chandragupt Mourya, Samrat Ashok, Porus, Vikramaditya, and Samudragupta.

It will showcase important historical events and kingdoms such as Vijaynagar Samrajya, Kshatriya King, Battle of Haldighati, Maratha Empire, Sikh Empire, Battle of 1857, Simon Commission, Jaliawala Bagh Massacre, Kakori Conspiracy etc. It will also have three galleries of Tribes Revolt, the statement said.

Shaheedi Park will be developed at an estimated cost of Rs 29.29 crore. To develop the park, SDMC will select the agency through an open tendering process. The agency will also ensure upkeep and maintenance of the park for a 10 years’ period and there will be an option of extension for next 10 years, the statement said. It added that the agency will make 11 sets and 3 galleries at the park.

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