Aravali Kitchen offers ‘Himachali Dham’ to guests

- April 29, 2024
| By : Idrees Bukhtiyar |

The dinner features classic dishes from the hill state and is attracting guests in large numbers

Dhaam is served on brass platters

The Aravali Kitchen at Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort, Faridabad has introduced Himachali Dham special dinner for its guests from April 25 to 30.   

Guests are turning up in good numbers to relish the traditional food of Himachal Pradesh.

The resort management said that they have extended an invitation to culinary enthusiasts, beckoning them on a gastronomic journey to discover the flavours of the hill state. 

“Guests are invited to partake in the Himachali Dham special dinner, a culinary event designed to immerse diners in the authentic tastes and warm hospitality of Himachal Pradesh,” they said.  

The special dinner features the classic Palak Paneer Ka Madra and Safed Channe Ka Madra as well as the distinctive Mukundbadi Ka Madra

Guests are treated to a rich variety of legumes and lentils, alongside tangy favourites like Chuhare Ka Khatta. The meal concludes with Moongi Dal Ka Halwa and Meethi Bath, all served with a side of traditional bread.

Chef Arjun Katoch at Aravali Kitchen

Dinesh Rana, Executive Chef at Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort said that this event promises a memorable journey.

“This special dinner is not just a meal but an immersive experience that celebrates the vibrant culture and heritage of Himachal Pradesh. Crafted with care by our team of expert chefs, each dish is a testament to the authenticity and depth of Himachali cuisine, promising an unforgettable dining journey for all who partake,” Rana said. 

With seating limited for this exclusive culinary event, guests are encouraged to make reservations in advance to secure their spot. 

“For reservations and further inquiries, The Aravali Kitchen welcomes you to reach out through the provided contact details,” the management said.

Arjun Katoch, another chef who is part of its making, said that guests are enjoying this new food being served here.

“Many people plan to go to Himachal Pradesh, but sometimes they are unable to go due to many reasons. We decided to bring Himachal to Delhi for all of them. This is a completely healthy and organic food. We have used natural ingredients which would tantalise guests’ taste-buds and transport their heart to the mountains,” he said. 

Courtyard by Marriott Aravali Resort is a luxurious retreat nestled amid the scenic beauty of the Aravali mountains.