Art in a new light

- August 24, 2022
| By : Jayali Wavhal |

Through a collaboration with the news contemporary club in town, Art Alive Gallery will showcase exclusive collections of modern and contemporary art by masters, mid-career artists and emerging stars

As Art Alive Gallery announces a partnership with The Quorum – a contemporary members-only work and social lifestyle club – it will host a celebratory show titled ‘Rearranging the Familiar’ which will feature artworks from mid-career contemporaries. Curated by Premjish Achari, the show gives a fascinating opportunity to weave together a number of artworks in different media and visual expressions to recast the familiar we take for granted.

Some of the participating artists are Anjaneyulu G, Vipul Rathod, Anil Thambai, Vandana Kothari, Roshan Chhabria, Teja Gavankar, Sharmi Chowdhury, Meera George, Meghna Singh Patpatia and Vipul Badva. From the intimate surface of the sketchbooks, the fleeting visual thoughts of mind, the colourful messiness of the studio, and in the aesthetic outpourings of various kinds, artists rearrange the familiar.

Resisting the lure of the popular, wandering from space to space, traversing the horizons of imagination the artistic mind reconfigures the quotidian. The artists in this exhibition foreground new ways of reimagining the intimate, the fleeting, the personal and the inhabited. They present fresh ways to connect dots with the familiar images, objects, landscapes, experiences, and events.

The exhibition attempts to celebrate the ordinary by gathering works inspired by commonplace themes. The artists make the ordinary precious and unique by capturing the fleeting and drawing our attention to its various facets. They push the traditional boundaries of art to reveal the unexpected. 

Regarding the collaboration with The Quorum, director of the gallery, Sunaina Anand, says, “We want to provide a creative work and social environment for like-minded individuals to meet. We share a vision to create a stimulating aesthetic environment with a strong art program at the club to aid and promote a sense of creative inspiration and facilitate the growth of Indian art through patronage.”

Where: The Quorum, Gurugram

When: Till 30 September, 11 am to 7 pm