Layers of Maa

- November 12, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In her latest exhibition 'Layer of Maa', abstract artist Swati Goel explores the many experiences of motherhood

The works of abstract artist Swati Goel revolve around emotion, joy and colour. In her latest exhibition, it is motherhood that is her muse. Titled ‘Layers of Maa’, the solo show of abstract paintings depict the multitude of experiences that make up what we understand as motherhood.

The paintings at the self-curated show depict the journey and perception of the womb, and how a mother protects her child. The show also plunges into divinity and explores how goddesses are envisaged as mothers. Speaking about her works, Goel says, “I have come to the realisation that a Maa (Mother) has multiple layers to her. The faith, prayers, kindness, willpower, selflessness and many more aspects of what a mother has and can do are depicted in my latest artworks.”

Goel is a self-taught artist. In her paintings, she represents a positive message that she feels all humans should embrace. The subjects of Goel’s paintings are associated with the future, with a hope for change and a positive environment. Her ideology is concise and free of violence, chaos and conflict. She hopes that in the future, the world will be filled with purity, love, light, and dreams. Goel has keen observation, an eye for the details in a mundane life. In her work, she juxtaposes the realities of life with the practice of painting. It is through the results of her art that she is able to give us a perspective to see the world’s future as a better place.  

When: 14 November – 20 November

Where: Lalit Kala Akademi