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After months of ordering in, finally got the chance to revisit Delhi’s go-to place for Chinese cuisine, Bercos, which as expected was a pleasurable visit 


Ask anyone in the city and they will tell you that Bercos is almost synonymous with good pocket-friendly Chinese. From ordering in to just dropping by in one of its multiple outlets, their popularity is simply undisputed.

During the lockdown, I ordered in quite a few times but missed going to the restaurant. 

The typical Chinese décor of the Saket outlet of Bercos is quite welcoming. With dim lights, lanterns, Chinese scripts printed on the chairs and busts of Buddha placed around the wall, the place gives you the quintessential Chinese food experience. 

One can put their apprehensions of dining out to rest, as they have ensured full sanitisation and adherence to safety protocols. Checking temperatures at the entrance, reducing seating capacity by seating at alternate tables and of course full safety face shield, masks and gloves worn by servers. 

Fully assured, we started off with their wonton soup chicken. If one wants to avoid touching their menu cards, one can access the same online by scanning the code provided on the table. 

The soup was a bit too plain for my liking but the veggies and wontons were very fresh. Adding a bit of pepper on the soup does add to its flavour.

Next, we moved on to try the dim sums. Ordering Dimsum Momos Chicken, we went for the black pepper sauce. Served on top of the dim sums, the garlic flavour in the filling was well complemented with the sauce. The coating of the dim sums was not too thick, and there are hints of garlic. 

While we would have loved to have more, we held ourselves back as there were quite a lot of varied appetisers still to be tried. 

From left: Chilli Mayo Crispy Prawns, Sliced Fish in Chilli Bean Sauce, Honey Tossed Lotus Stem Chips.

Going with a vegetarian option, we tried the Honey Tossed Lotus Stem Chips. One of my all-time favourites, however, it wasn’t up to my expectations. While the sauce tasted good, it smelled of oil and wasn’t all that crunchy.

But this was quite well made up for by the Chilli Mayo Crispy Prawns –  fresh prawns marinated and golden fried, served with spicy chilli mayonnaise. Served in a cocktail glass, it tasted as good as it looked. The crispiness of the prawns dipped in mayo is a burst of flavours the moment you take a bite. You simply can’t help reaching out for more. We even saved a little to have with the main course. 

This was followed by another winner – the Crispy Garlic Chilli Fish. While it’s not very hot, it has a typical sweet and chilli flavour we associate with Chinese food that complements the crispiness of the fish. The thin slices of fish were as fresh as they can get. 

Done with starters, we moved on to the mains. Tired of mostly having chicken in our daily lives, we decided to give it a pass and ended up ordering fish, lamb and prawns. (Note: me being a Bengali has got nothing to do with this choice). 

We ordered the Mongolian Lamb which was a little on the sweeter side. The spring onions and soy adds to the flavour and it goes perfectly well with the Mixed Meat Fried Rice we had ordered. 

Next came the Sliced Fish in Chilli Bean Sauce, which was a hit. It came as a pleasant surprise as the flavour was quite distinct from the rest of the food. The sliced fish was fresh and the sauce added a good taste to the mildly flavoured rice which had chicken, prawns, lambs and eggs in it. 

The Kung Pao prawns, however, was a miss, was too sweet for our liking. Not the biggest fan of Thai curry, we decided to give it a miss. Also, there was no room left in our stomach to try anything else. 

To gulp it all down, we had ordered a classic mojito. I will be honest here and admit that it wasn’t the best mojito I had but it did serve its purpose. 

The taste has remained the same and the quantity of the food is more than sufficient and quite affordably priced. Overall, you can go back to this popular joint with confidence, as they continue to serve your favourites with only better sanitisation and adherence to safety protocols to combat the pandemic. 

Address: Bercos: MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket

Review  done on invitation

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