Art honouring women’s indomitable spirit

- March 19, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The exhibition's centrepiece is Pooja Kashyap's mesmerising portrayal of Ardhnarishwar, a divine coalescence of Shiva and Devi

Aalekh Foundation presents women empowerment through art

Pooja Kashyap, an artist and professoor of History at Delhi University, will present a theme-based solo exhibition at Travancore Palace on March 22 and 23.

The event will be organised by Aalekh Foundation, a leading non-profit organisation. It aims to serve as a powerful platform to honour the indomitable spirit of women across all spheres while celebrating their invaluable contributions to society’s advancement.

Further, the Aalekh Foundation has been tirelessly working towards achieving the G20 goals, specifically focusing on women’s and children’s welfare and empowerment.

Coinciding with the month dedicated to the undying spirit and courage of women, this exhibition serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of women’s empowerment in building a more inclusive and equitable society. From intricate murals depicting women as custodians of art and culture to mesmerising portrayals of divine feminine energy, Pooja Kashyap’s artwork eloquently celebrates the resilience and dynamism of women across India.

While briefing on the exhibition, Rennie Joyy, founder of Aalekh Foundation, stated, “We are honoured to present this solo art exhibition by Pooja Kashyap, whose dedication to spotlighting the empowering role of women in society is truly inspiring. Through this exhibition, we aim to highlight and celebrate the immense contributions of women as key contributors to our society’s growth and progress, aligning with the Aalekh Foundation’s vision of creating a more equitable and inclusive world for all”.

Pooja expressed her excitement about the event, saying, “I am thrilled and thankful to have the opportunity to showcase my work at this prestigious venue and through the platform provided by Aalekh Foundation. I aim to depict women’s inherent strength and empowerment through my artwork, and I hope to inspire viewers to recognize and embrace their true potential”.

The exhibition’s centrepiece is Pooja Kashyap’s mesmerising portrayal of Ardhnarishwar, a divine coalescence of Shiva and Devi. This artwork symbolizes the intrinsic power and balance of feminine and masculine energies, serving as a poignant reminder of women’s indomitable spirit and capacity to shape society.

Overall, the exhibition is not only an acknowledgement of women’s contributions but also a celebration of their achievements.

When: March 22 – 23
Where: Travancore Palace